The Necromancers Guide to Modern Life Phinneas Crow



Kindle Edition

186 pages


The Necromancers Guide to Modern Life  by  Phinneas Crow

The Necromancers Guide to Modern Life by Phinneas Crow
| Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 186 pages | ISBN: | 6.46 Mb

Do you sometimes touch dark magics or raise hordes of ravenous, undead minions bent to your unnatural will? Do you enjoy long walks in the graveyard, necrotic flesh, and communing with otherworldly forces? Do you often wonder how to reconcile your eldritch pursuits with this fast-paced, modern world? Then you need The Necromancers Guide to Modern Life!

It covers all the basics you need to allow your black radiance to fall across the face of the world. From proper care of your zombies to finding love in the digital age when you have an army of damned souls camped out in the basement of your lair- The Guide shall adorn you with all necessary knowledge. Whether seeking to dominate the mortal realm, play Canasta with fallen angels, or get a good deal on an evil stronghold, The Necromancers Guide can help you live better, live longer, and maximize your wicked potential!

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